service rates

The following table provides an overview of the Internet connectivity plans that are available on the AirWare network.  These plans are common to all AirWare communities and are available throughout the Northwest Territories.

Burst Speed in Mbps (1)
Speed restrictions apply after (2)
Dynamic or static IP address (3)
Included IP Addresses
Included e-mail account (4)
Monthly Charge (5)
Registration fee (one time)
Modem Purchase (6)
Additional Optional Services
Upgrade usage Cap ($/GB per month) (7) $30.00 $20.00
Roaming charge per landing (8)
5% GST is applicable to all Price List items except the modem deposit.
Extra e-mail address (per month)
Extra IP address (per month)
Anti spam service (per month) (9)

Point of Sale Plan
Burst Speed (Download):          128kbps
Speed Restrictions apply after:
2 GB
Dynamic or static IP address:
Included IP addresses:
Included email account: 
Monthly Charge
Registration fee (one time):
Modem Purchase

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  1. Average speed will vary based on time of day and network load.
  2. If you exceed your monthly usage allotment (6 Gigabytes on the AURORA plan) then your burst speed will be reduced to a dial up equivalent until the end of your monthly billing cycle. If you do not wish to have your speed restricted you can upgrade your usage cap (see note 7).
  3. Every computer connecting to the modem will be dynamically assigned an IP address, up to the number of IP addresses listed in the plan’s package. If customers want to hook up more computers under a specific plan, they may need to purchase additional IP addresses.
  4. Each mailbox includes up to 100 MB of storage on the server.
  5. The monthly fee is billed when you first sign up. You can select to either “pay as you go” or automatically pay by credit card monthly.
  6. The modem purchase includes a 30 day warranty against defects/failures.
  7. Users can prepay additional usage in 1GB increments at these rates.
  8. Do you travel to other Northwest Territories communities with your computer? If you do travel and take your modem with you, the network will automatically recognize your modem in any Northwest Territories community and will connect you automatically to the network and your email account. Please note that an extra charge of $10 will apply each time you land in a different community. No charge applies when you return to your home community.
  9. The Anti-spam service helps eliminate unwanted and annoying email messages by blocking them before they get into your mailbox.

* Prices are applicable for purchase of service from your local community service provider when paying by cash, postal money order or a credit card. This Price List does not include all the charges and limitations for centrally purchased accounts, payment for accounts in more than one community or payment by cheque. Please see your Community Service Provider for details if you require these special services.

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