New Plans
When will the old plans expire? You can remain on the Gold/Platinum/Diamond plans until your March 2012 billing date. So, for example, if your an anniversary date is the 14th of the month, you can
remain on the old plans until March 14th, 2012. After this date these plans will no longer be available.

Why are the plans changing? These plans were part of a federally subsidized program that is no longer being funded. You will need to either upgrade to a new plan or visit your CSP prior to April 1st in order to close your account.

How do I switch plans? Simply login to your account at: and choose “Change Plan” from the “Select Action” drop down menu on right hand side of the screen. You can also do this by calling us at (888) 343-7775 or visiting your local AirWare agent.

Where do I find the revised subscriber agreement? Click here to download a PDF of the new agreement.

What do I do If I do not want to change plans? After March 2012 you will need to either change your account to one of the new AirWare plans or cancel your account and return your modem.

Why should I switch? The new plans will offer an increase in both speed and usage and you only pay for the time you plan on using! With the Aurora and Polar plans you own your modem, and there are no rental fees associated with it. This means that even if you have a credit card on file, you can choose to disable automatic payment and leave your account on-hold for as long as you like!

What is Pay As You Go? Pay As You Go is a prepaid service that lets you take full advantage of your AirWare service without long term commitments or monthly bills. In order to offer this new feature, modem rental will no longer be offered; customers will be required to purchase their modems.

Do I Need To Purchase My Modem? Yes. In order to change from Gold/Platinum/Diamond plans it will be required that you purchase your modem. The cost for users switching from an existing plan will be $60.00 until February 29th 2012. After this date the normal purchase price of $100.00 per modem will apply.

What about my modem deposit?
You can choose to have your modem deposit applied towards the purchase of your modems. The remaining deposit can be applied as a credit on your account.

How do I get technical support? Effective January 16th 2012, CSPs will no longer be required to provide customer technical support. Our (888) 343-7775 phone number should be provided to customers
if they encounter a technical problem with the service. However, CSPs will be required to continue assisting customers with modem testing when necessary.

Have More Questions? We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support. Please feel free to call us at: (888) 343-7775 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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